Meticulous attention to detail can elevate a house from ordinary to extraordinary. They are often the little things which aren't necessarily immediately obvious but overall make a huge impact on the aesthetics, feel and function of a home. 
And this is true no matter what style the house is.

I am of the personal belief that engaging an architect or professional interior designer should ensure that important detailing does not become overlooked in a project.  There's definitely a reason why the majority of 'pinned' images are from professional portfolios!

 Unfortunately, we went it alone with this build, mostly due to budget constraints. But all those evenings studying my favourite images gathered from magazines, blogs, books and pinterest must have been effective as I had a wee 'Eureeka moment' last week.

I've posted about the niche pictured above before. HERE & HERE. After experiencing difficulty cleaning the lower ledge which is just painted plaster, I decided to get a Caesarstone top put on it.
It looks superb. Detailed. Finished.

Now if I can just get the electrician to complete the niche lighting...

x KL

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