So fa, so good....

 Do your appliances and furniture collude together and go, en-masse into retirement? Mine here do. Without any forewarning or courteous discussion regarding timing. Damn.

Whilst I've been happily planning colour schemes and mentally decorating the last of the upstairs rooms to be finished, our trusty old family room lounge suite put her toes in the air. Double damn.
Daydreaming Interior designing and timber flooring decisions have again taken a back seat, (LOL) with this new, pressing issue.

 With a budget of, um, in the negative realm, and with my husband's "don't buy a thing" words ringing in my ears, I started a tentative reconnaissance (online of course).

It wasn't that I didn't know what I wanted. It was just trying to get it for, well, nothing. Or nothing much. These were the dream lounges *sigh*:

Not very practical for a family room are they? Nor would they be wet-tog-bum friendly, this room being adjacent to the proposed pool. Oh dear. Lucky for me then this wasn't to be. Leather, although hot in summer / cold in winter, is far more robust.

My girlfriend J has the lounge I need. She bought it from another friend who couldn't accommodate it's size after moving. I tried to talk her into giving it to me but she flatly refused.
The cheek! I'd even said please.....*humph*
As it's no longer being made, I tried to track down something similar....

All the lounges I found were either too expensive or waaay too expensive. Damn!

And this is where this tale gets much more interesting because my dear friends, fate and luck came into play. Oh, and a bit of compromise too.

 I recently entered Freedom Kitchens 'Tell us about your dream kitchen' competition via The Interiors Addict. I described what I have planned for here (one day...) And I Won! 
Online I went to start dreaming of what I might purchase and I discovered Freedom Furniture were in the final days of a buy one-get one free sofa promotion!

All sofas above from Freedom Furniture

There were a few restrictions and limitations with the offer. I had discounted fabric, but still on my 'wish list' was comfort, contemporary styling and generous sizing. Charcoal colouring was on that list too but I was open to what was available.

After popping into my local store, (where the service was abysmal!) I whittled the choice down to one modular. The Signature 3 seater with chaise as pictured below. Other configuration I liked were not available and other styles I found aesthetically pleasing (off floor with legs) didn't offer the comfort level I was after. I was also restricted to white. Eeek! 

Now, only because the sales persons were so dismissive, I didn't place my order on the spot. Plus, I needed to get hubby to agree to the outlay which still exceeded budget, even with my winnings deducted. But I had a plan. I didn't need TWO of these lounges and could sell the other one on eBay or Gumtree. The maths was looking good. I would also get a further 5% discount because of  my NRMA membership! Hooray!

Stay with me....the end of the tale is in sight!!!!!

So, home I went to scour eBay / Gumtree for like-minded genius's and Lo and Behold there was the exact lounge I was considering, offered at less than half the price. Locally. Brand new in packaging. It only had an hour left on the auction so I cheekily made a lower offer which was accepted!
* Major Happy Dancing*

To conclude, my SIL has bought a piece of artwork from me that I no longer wanted and my darling friend J has bought the gift cards making my total outlay for our new leather lounge $400!
 It might be very different to what I would have chosen if I had no fiscal restrictions, might even be called a bit pedestrian, however it fills the unexpected void far better than a packing crate!

Here's another pic:

Where there's a will, there's a way! 

x KL

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