Today, my baby boy attended a 'Day in the Life of a St Edward's College Student' orientation programme for his proposed high school next year. (The application process is still in front of us!) The school invited all the current Year Six boys from local schools to experience their facilities first hand. Some woodwork, dark-room photographic development, use of Photoshop, electric guitars, real experimental science and lots of sport were some of the activities on the programme.

 For a child (my child) who has despised school with a vengeance, to show so much excitement and praise for the activities was heart warmingly positive! From the minute he hopped into the car, he has not stopped talking about the minutiae of the day! The school's approach was clever; J now wants to attend this school. He was not only impressed by the sheer size of the grounds, (which are really nice!) but the greater variety of educational options that he glimpsed has enticed him. 
St. Edward's College is a boys only school (a 'sister' school for girls; which my daughters attended, is located next door) and I can only say that they know boys. And I can't thank them enough.

Image: St. Edward's College Facebook page

2015 through to 2020 just became years to look towards positively! 

x KL

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