I am so excited!

Two bedrooms upstairs (our main and J's), the playroom and lower guest bedroom are being carpeted on Wednesday! This had hinged on the timber flooring being laid in the halls adjacent to those rooms, which is what David did today!.

Yesterday we finalised little bits and pieces in the main bedroom en suite in anticipation of the 'big move' upstairs after years of living in only the lower portion of the house.

Heated Towel Rails and shelves for pretty bibs 'n bobs!
Whoop! Whoop!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I've been unpacking some treasures and purchases from eons ago too. It all feels a bit Christmass-y to be honest! LOL!

The first thing I'd like to do after Wednesday is to have a bubble bath in our freestanding tub...
which made me realise that I have nowhere to rest my celebratory glass of Verve!
Eeeek! How on earth could I have overlooked an item of such importance ? !

Sooo...although it wont materialise before Wednesday, THE bubbly resting spot / table / stool has been on my immediate hit-list!
Here are my (seriously whittled down), main contenders:

L to R: Warren Platner Side Table, Metallic Grande Drum, Mark Tuckey Egg-cup stool, Marcel Wanders Stone Stool, Bamileke stool.
And below are some inspirational images of similar stools / tables like these in situ:

More delicious decisions! (In the interim, a box will suffice!)
But bring on the Bubbles!

x KL

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