Needs. Wants. A fine line.

Well, I've been trying to walk that thin line for a few months and, oops!
  I kinda crossed it a few times....

I've pre-ordered three of these stools (not available till Nov / Dec unfortunately) for the lower deck area to sit up against the bar. Whilst they're not modern nor made for outside, they are the right height, are pretty 'classic' style wise, will be undercover and should add some textural warmth to the pool area. I've been looking for the 'perfect' stool for this spot for two years and I loved these as soon as I saw them. The rattan will hopefully withstand wet-tog-bottoms too!

This large Juju purchase was definitely a wee bit naughty. I have a white one that I was planning to hang in the lounge but this rare-coloured black / blue had me smitten. Not sure where I'll hang her, I've definitely got multiple spots it would look stunning

I've just collected my Ian Baguskas print 'Waiting', from the framers. I love its subtle colours but am kicking myself that I hesitated and missed out on one of the larger-sized releases.

Added a 'Botanical' motif plate to my Spode Blue Room collection of dinner plates. So pretty!

This Springbok cushion belongs with me. I know, we are going to be very happy together.
It arrived so beautifully wrapped that I felt like I'd received a present. (Don't think hubby will feel the same way when he sees the bank statement though) LOL!

HAD to buy these nifty wire baskets in Rose Gold and Black. At $12 each from Kmart you better get your skates on! Have you seen the rest of Kmart's newest homewares range? I wanted just about one of everything!

Can't wait to get more of the house finished so I can actually start decorating with some of my goodies!

x KL

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