The grass is always greener....

...when it's F A U X !

My last post detailed where I'm planning to place a small area of Artificial lawn.
This product has come a long way since first developed as ChemGrass in 1965 and marketed as Astro Turf a year later!

Although short napped versions are still used, as originally intended, to provide easily maintained indoor sport's fields, today's options include longer lengths which are visually more appealing to the domestic market. They are softer, more natural looking and are a great alternative for areas where natural grass is difficult to either grow or maintain.

 I met with a local Artificial Grass supplier today and chose ours:

It's a longer napped brand and feels very soft and dense.
We chose to go this route for several reasons:
  • It was more cost effective than the travertine tiles thus lowering the overall deck cost outlay
  • Visually broke up and softened this very large expanse of hard flooring;
  • I'll get allot of 'green' without multiple weighty pots
  • No maintenance!
The only negative is the heat. Being 'plastic' it will get hot underfoot. But, no hotter than the travertine tiles. Aesthetically, it will look cooler....

Anywho, with an acceptable quote expected tomorrow and, with some sunshine predicted for next week, this will be another tick we can make, signialling our getting closer to completing SeaSpray #2!

Here are some of my favourite inspiration pics from my Pinterest boards which I've pulled out many, many times in order to finally convince David, that this was a good idea!....

via: The Block

And the image that started the concept for me:

Matt Leacy's Green Rooftop; Landart Landscapes
Looking forward to the 'green' light on this one!

x KL

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