Heart felt catch-up

Well, its been an action packed few weeks here. 

After my last post, I had an emergency dash to hospital with some serious cardiac problems. Although I've had a dodgy ticker since birth, and have had two open heart surgeries, this episode seriously scared me. Lots of intravenous drugs and a  few thousand joules later (cardioversion) and I was home feeling better; to then succumb to pneumonia. WTF? 
Add a near fatal car incident too...if the last paragraph doesn't have you agreeing with my cussing...

Anywho... forced bed rest has me now feeling 110%. My cardiologist has remixed my meds. My new car has been returned to the manufacturer for investigation. I have organised my Will, and appointed a Power of Eternity and Enduring Guardian. (W A Y overdue...so a good thing) and been prompted to really contemplate what's important in life!

In perspective. 
I'm still here....
...and I'm counting my blessings. 

Normal house-y post transmissions will resume ASAP!


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