Onto the next room...

 After high-fiving ourselves silly over the final completion of two rooms, we have taken our own advice and are going to focus on finishing all the half finished rooms next. I first suggested this over a year ago and posted the plan of action HERE. Well, at least we're consistent...ly... slow! LOL!

The problem encountered then was locating a cost effective joinery to cut the melamine sheeting for the vanity carcass (The one we had been using had closed down). We eventually chose a well known national company and tried them out with the linen cupboard shelving. Unfortunately, they didn't use a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting machine which meant small inaccuracies in the dimensions, making tedious work for assembly with lots of planeing. Grrrr.

Any hoo, we'll try someone else for the main bathroom vanity but enquire about their cutting method first!. I have also since lost the vanity plan (although this old blog pic would have sufficed) and am now re-thinking the design. We were going to have two basins on a floating bench, behind which will be a wall of mirror. I still like this concept but am concerned about the limited storage for a main bathroom.

My inspiration pictures for this bathroom have been these:

Middle top: Architecture Saville Issaacs; my hubby was the builder. Middle left: Katrina & Amy The Block. Bottom Right: Minosa Vanity.
 And most recently this one:

Wolf Architecture and Minosa
Below is the temporary set up we've got showing the vanity bowl and tapware purchased. 
I'm thinking of deleting the planned right hand bowl and having a wider bench space with a big drawer for storage. Maybe with a handle that doubles as a hand-towel rail.

 Although we will have a bowl and tap 'spare' we can always store them for another project. The vanity top will need to be a white composite stone with this change too as I don't have a large slab of Crema Perla Marble to match the floor / walls in this room. (With two basins we did).

What are your thoughts?

I've also deleted the idea of wall sconces either side of the heated towel rails. After three purchases all looking wrong, I give up! David has agreed and the electrician can terminate the wiring. Easy Peasy!

x KL

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