Two (yes...2!) rooms complete!

OK, well they may be two on the tiniest rooms in our home but they're officially finished....yee ha! 

Behold the magnificence of my walk-in-linen cupboard!

And the outdoor pool W.C!

Davey crafted some 'bushman's' handles for the wee vanity. (so I could blog that it's finished; God bless him!) No, they wont be staying... LOL! 
Will pop into Bunnings tomorrow and buy some small chrome ones. Am really happy with the 2-pac vanity which I colour matched to the off-white wall tiles specifying Dulux Whisper White
For a bathroom created from 'left-overs' (lucky wins detailed HERE) I think it looks great! (And the translucent glass door perfect for shadow puppetry!)

Hope you're enjoying a rare, sunny weekend!

x KL

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