The dining area upstairs is ready for painting!!!!

David worked like a Trojan today sanding the ceilings and walls in this area so tomorrow we can seal them...then we'll be off for some well earned R & R with some great friends and former clients.So love getting to enjoy other people's beautiful new homes!

We ventured over to good Ol' Bunnings for new sanding materials and scored not only the quintessential morning sausage sanger but some bargain priced exterior wall lights too!
I've been looking for ages for something appropriate and within our tight budget and these ticked all those boxes. They are made from brushed aluminium so won't rust or tea-stain like their stainless steel counterparts and came in down and up-down lighting styles.
The best bit? After buying one of each to check they looked OK at La Hacienda, I saved a further $80 by buying the rest required online. With free delivery. Yee Ha!

x KL

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