Round Mirrors

Is it just me, or do you sometimes get 'fixated' with one thing and breathe, dream and look for it obsessively? Eeeek...hope I'm not over-sharing!
Well, I'm currently enamoured with round mirrors.
And not just any ol' circular version, but one with a whopping strap suspending it off the wall!

I have had a soft spot for mirrors these shapes before, and used them in our previous house in the main bathroom and the guest room, as seen below.

In the last house, I had a recurring round theme to reference the pool shape which I posted about HERE previously. In this current project though, there are more linear horizontal lines and I think a few, strategically placed round shapes will add a bit of visual movement.

The mirror I'm obsessing about now was a popular mid-century decorative piece designed by Jacques Adnet for Hermes. The simple round mirror is wrapped in leather and hangs from a leather strap secured by three metal belt buckles, imitating the sleek look of equestrian hardware.


I know an authentic piece will be unattainable but I hope I can to 're-create' the look. Perhaps in the entry foyer?
Sort of like this arrangement.

Do you have anything specific you're focused on?

x KL

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  1. AnonymousJune 24, 2013

    Yes! I'm focusing on lots of things, and I can't find a round mirror anywhere. Ugly!!!!!

    1. Thanks Mum. At least you're honest! Was taking a pictorial break from looking at boring toilets for you...LOL! x

  2. I love a good round mirror! I went for the budget friendly 'Kolja' from IKEA for my hallway/entrance but the leather wrapped ones are so nice...Pretty sure I've seen 'inspired by' versions in some magazines lately, can't remember where though :(

    1. Yes Nat, I've seen some good examples around but couldn't find them as I was preparing post! I'm going over to your blog to re-peep your entry now then over to Ikea online cattledog! Thanks! x KL

  3. Hadn't seen the leather wrapped ones until now. Very stylish indeed.



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