'twas not meant to be... *sob*

 After much internal debating and long drawn out discussions with friends and Davey, we decided that the Carrara Marble bench top I found and shared with you HERE, was a go-er IF, upon inspection, we liked its markings / colouration. 
A mini - crane was organised to lift it from it's slumber and .... O.M.G. 

 It broke.

 In two places!

 To consider this as viable, I had to mentally 'get my head round' the concept of a smaller island.
 I did
I needed to accept the positioning of the sinks, in the island. 
I had.
Re-designing the front and sides of the island to accommodate this bench top was most challenging.
I succeeded to the point of considering the modified design as advantageous.
 And it broke.

 In two places!

And the colour, pattern and honed finish were perfect.

BUT....I didn't cry. (Probably shock...) 

Some things are just not meant to be and after our huge loss last week...
...it's all O.K and in perspective.

x KL

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