Thank GOD they're not suggesting it's child D.I.Y!

We are very big on Do It Yourself here. Which is probably understandable given that my darling husband is a builder however I am a bit of a DIY-er too; even before I met David, I donned an old tee and painted my house; inside and out...I installed timber blinds, made-over stuff and changed drawer handles, taps and washers. (OK, Dad might've helped a bit with those last two...)
I would encourage anyone to have-a-go if they felt confident and were a handy 'type'. The thing is, know your limits! (I paid a professional painter to do all my ceilings!) The plethora of DIY home renovating shows on telle, and their popularity, tell us we are a country keen for dollar stretching home improvement. BUT, they often don't show the 'behind the scenes' tradie assistance and give the impression that all renovating can be achieved by anybody with mammoth effort, little sleep and in a short time - frame. It's T.V people!

SO, why the rant?
 David and I were a wee taken a-back by an innocent looking one-hour workshop advert at Bunnings titled "How to seal and waterproof wet areas"

Um....you employ a LICENCED, QUALIFIED trades person who will provide you with a certificate of compliance and therefor warranty. Last time I checked, you can't DIY one of those yourself. 

(In NSW for example you need (1) Completion of CPC31411 Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing OR (2) Completion of one of the following qualifications: CPC31408 Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing. BCG31403 Certificate III in Waterproofing (General Construction). Qualification 90464 Certificate III in General Construction (Waterproofing), TAFE course #8126.)

"Waterproofing of wet areas, such as
shower recesses, has consistently been
among the most commonly reccurring
Category One (major) building defect.
Homeowner complaints about defective
waterproofing are consistently in the top
ten received by the Building Services
Authority (BSA)."

TIP: Waterproofing needs to be completed by a qualified waterproofing professional, otherwise warranties & insurance will not cover it – if you're buying an older home with a new bathroom ask for the certificate of compliance / warranty or beware!

 I'm off my soap box now. Bye-Bye!

x KL 

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