Size Matters...

David and I have been building / renovating for quite some time
As David's reputation as a builder has grown, so has the size and value of the projects he undertakes both professionally, and for us personally.

So how challenging can a small project be?

As I am quickly discovering...very!

Generous spaces usually allow several options for lay-out, style, fixtures and colour. Not so the small space. Every centimetre has to prove it's worth and vie for position; functionality must take precedence over aesthetics. This often translates to one 'best' layout and flows through similarly to other design elements which become decided through practical elimination rather than by choice.

Add to such a project brief a limited budget, catering for the special physical needs of the client and the emotional attachment of said project being for a friend or family member, and the challenges increase exponentially!

Eons ago, I worked for a furniture manufacturer & retailer who taught me a valuable lesson in relativity. Regardless of the size of a table for example, the workmanship was the same in the construction of the 'expensive bits' (mortise & tenon joints, hand turned legs) and therefor the cost of  any additional length to the tabletop was relatively minor. Half the size is not half the value and so too a small house is more expensive than a large one on a per square metre ratio, regardless of whether building new or renovating.

 The Terrigal Project provided many challenges such as these which were successfully addressed. (The full project conclusion can be seen HERE) My own parent's house is our current project and as my childhood home it's as emotionally charged as they get!

 Small house = Big design challenges!

Stay tuned!

x KL

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