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O.K! sooooo, I've had some eBay hit 'n misses of late. The Foo Dogs in the middle image are definitely those that were advertised (Left) and which I received. But their size, as seen in this wee  re-styled space shows it pays to read-the details; importantly, the dimensions!!!!

Like wise my cheap-from-China, necklaces-to-be-turned-into-Christmas-Decorations! The mini pearl encrusted bags (eBay image, left) were dirty bronze (eeek!see middle pic) but the parfum bottles and duck posted about HERE were gorgeous! Still waiting for three little soldiers to arrive....

In better news, love my new mani / pedi combo....hopefully I'll get a few days out of the pretty nail colour 'cause I'm sooo rough! 
Had my hair cut and coloured too, and for once am happy with it; a rare event! 
These treats coincide with a fix-me attitude ATM. Booked waaay overdue (Shhhh...don't tell Mum!) visits to my cardiologist and endocrinologist. Have had lots of blood taken and have received an urgent call back. Eeeek! Mammogram booked as is a skin-cancer check. Have had a colonoscopy and endoscopy. My optometrist prescribed new glasses. Have sparkling clean toothy-pegs! Sleep clinic next week!
Not much left to prod or pull, I've gotta tell ya!

J co-incidentilly brought home a gorgeous little multi-coloured 'worry doll' from school. L.O.V.E. He made it from an old wooden peg and cotton tip and I decided to frame it. I used an A4 brush-out of his bedroom-to-be wall colour; Dulux Red Box, super glued the little figure to it and popped it into an IKEA Ribba box frame. Too easy and cute!

Played around in the main bathroom, zhushing some bits and pieces....Love the pop of colour this Missoni hand towel brings to the room!

  Have sorted all the DVD's, Blu-Ray, X-box, PS2, PS3 and Wii discs into plastic tubs inside the new entertainment unit. Whew! 
I couldn't get the clear tubs I was after but these coloured ones do the job!

And....drum-roll....the Guest Bed, ensuite vanity is in! Stone top and all!
Some more tiling to be done, a bit of stylin' and another room will be complete! Yee Hah!

Christmas seems to be approaching like an out-of-control, run-away train so I'm going to concentrate on that next...
x KL

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