christmas wrap-up!

Well, I've wrapped my first Christmas gift for 2013! Woo Hoo!
The stunning paper is from The Wrapping Paper Company, which I promise to tell you more about later. I wanted to test the wrapping and hide this pressie pronto. It's for a girlfriend and I'm SO excited with it.
Every year I have 'hit' & 'miss' gifts. Some people are just easy to buy for or a stroke of genius occurs and the perfect present materialises. Other people (mostly males!) are much more difficult and, ashamed as I am to admit it, often receive a present bought in haste desperation!
Does this happen to you?

Anywho, two of my girlfriends get Da bomb - gift wise this year. I think they peep this here bloggy so I'll share after the big day....but I can tell you now about THE wrapping! LOL!

It all started with the idea of re-introducing a decade-old banishment of gold into my interiors.
Adding it to this year's Christmas theme was par for the course. Then I found those Karen Walker spotted mugs and napkins at Myer. *sigh*
Which led me to thinking about Christmas Wrap and my aversion to the tiny-quantity, put-your-finger-through-it types on offer for a gazillion bucks. Grrr. Many a Christmas Eve the last presents wrapped were done so in a kaleidoscope of previous-year's remnants! Eeeek!
So I went on a gold paper hunt and guess what? Zilch! (Prediction: Gold will be huge Xmas 2014!)
Enter my super-hero: Mr Google!
The Brown Trading Co. provided some gorgeous gold, confetti and trellis wrap inspiration. But with a big family, buying it per sheet was a bit exy. Then I stumbled upon the aforementioned site of The Wrapping Paper Company.

Images used with permission: The Wrapping Paper Company
These guys do it all from design to print; wrapping papers, gift tags, belli-bands and gift seals. All Australian made too! Especially designed for Retailers, Online Businesses & Corporate bulk complimentary gift wrapping, this Wholesale Priced website has prices that include GST and Delivery Australia Wide. The minimum order value is $100.
After agonising over the plethora of options, I chose a gold highlighted design called Japanese Blossom Red because both my daughters are returning to Japan for another holiday in February and because it is suitable for use all year through. I also purchased a plain gloss white as a year-round go-to!
Having now received and tested the paper, I will vouch for it's high quality!

I'll note here that this is not a sponsored post: I'm too little for that. I just am enthusiastic about this product and like sharing with others my good finds! 

And I'm reassured that those last-minute, hastily bought and wrapped gifts will look fantastic this year!!!!

 Yee Ha!

x KL

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