Custom Entertainment Unit

Today David installed our custom made entertainment unit. After a bit of debate, we decided to wall mount it as originally intended. We concluded that wall mounting was faster, easier to clean underneath and could be achieved within a few hours. There are more deets HERE if you're interested in the prequel to today's action!
First up, we had to decide on it's position...The first picture below shows the height I had planned but it looked too high in reality so I then considered putting it on a plinth. 

We then decided to wall hang it just above the (still be fitted) skirting board, about 150 mm off the floor.

Ta Dah!!!

I'll be ordering a Ceasarstone 20 mm stone top on Monday, now I have exact measurements.
Can't wait to finally get the A/V paraphernalia hidden away and tidied up.

 Poor Davey now has the joy of sorting out and reconnecting the tangle of cables...and I can hear some mumbled expletives. Hope all the equipment fits and I measured correctly! Eeeek!
 I better make him a restorative cuppa . . .

Will post finished pictures soon!

x KL 

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