Christmas Theming....

I've made a final decision for my Christmas theme this year; White + Silver + Gold.
It wasn't really a conscious thought process, more an organic one, an acknowledgment that I was constantly being drawn to images and products in black and white tones with metalics! 
Like these....

When the latest issue of Real Living Magazine materialised in my letterbox sporting these colours on it's cover (row three, middle), it cemented the idea!

I'd love to use my Black Christmas Tree again (circa 2010) but after the children's (yes, the adult ones too) horrēre and previously documented tantrums, I'll use the traditional green version as a base this season. So, here's where my plans are at ATM:

1. This sparkly silver tree from a small local store in Terrigal will be the table centre-piece decorated with crystal, gold and white.
2. I'll get the first use (of many) from recently purchased West Elm gold cutlery.
3. The tree base in #1 is icky so I'm planning on hiding it in a large Uashmama gold / white bag.
4.5.6. Designer, Karen Walker home wares for Myer!!! GORGEOUS! Just thinking about serving a scrumptious desert in these gold-rimmed champagne coupes. ? Gold, confetti spotted napkins are a definite, whilst the polka dot mugs would be perfect Christmas morning scene-setters (perhaps from Santa?)!

It's S' 24th birthday tomorrow and we will celebrate it with her this weekend. I'm hoping I can convince the troups, when gathered, to help with the tree decoration too....wish me luck!

x KL

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