Infrared Control (IR)

When I told friends about my entertainment unit design, many queried my specification of solid doors. Doors were chosen over drawers for the storage sections only to save cost. I then went for uniform door material for aesthetics. This raised the question regarding the use of remotes through solid doors and I thought I'd share with you a clever little device called Infrared Control (IR).

David 'discovered' this nifty item to solve the same remote use problem in our last house, pictured above (sorry for the very dark, dodgy picture!). We installed all the T.V.  and stereo equipment behind a section of wall with a 'hidden' door to access it, leaving us with remote operation difficulties.
Enter the IR!

Popping an IR Target discreetly into the wall means you can operate all that hidden equipment without having the doors covering them open. Renting? Hide it in a pot plant!

 I'm no boffin so if you're interested, read this great article HERE which explains all the details and further benefits of the system. (Like operating your gear from another room!)
Problem solved! Yee Ha!

x KL

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