Bits & Bobs....again!

 My blog has definitely been neglected lately. Just been Busy. Busy. Busy!
It seems that when I do have time to post, it's a 'catch-up' of all the Bits & Bobs that have been happening....anyways, here's another...

1. A visit to my parents on Sunday became a belated, surprise family celebration of David and my 50th birthdays. Mum, my daughter S and sister LL went all out. Very special.

2. The Tree is up, the lights in place and a gold tree skirt circa 1984 (!) was de-moth-balled!  Decoration next...

3. My new tree from The Twig in Terrigal has acquired its Uashmama bottom, as posted HERE. Wish I'd bought the XL size....the large is not quite big enough to scrunch properly. I had planned this as the Christmas table centrepiece but it's too big. Perfect though for the new entertainment unit!

4 & 5. More Christmas pressies. Rachael Ruddick Como leather clutch on sale for $230 $139! Triple J compilation and another male gift ticked off! Yee Ha! Only a few now to go! 

6. Too-good-to-be-true, authentic Prada clutch from U.S retailer. Yup, saw me coming... Eeeek!

7 & 8. Been busy eBaying J's outgrown toys. End of an era. *sob*

9. Etsy purchase. Similar to advert. Bought knowingly faux. Love it anyhow!

x KL

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