New Year's First Purchase!

 Have you been shopping the New Year's Sales?
 I have avoided them completely; and have surprised even myself, by my lack of bargain-hunting interest. I think I'm really happy with 'what I've got' and would like to focus 100% on the house this year...although it's always possible that I'll contradict these words tomorrow! LOL!

What I have bought though, is super exciting....

170 square metres of French Pattern Tumbled Travertine and matching pool coping pavers.

 It wont be laid immediately but it is a major purchase ticked off our very long house completion list. (8 pages long in fact!)

Slow, baby steps still, but they are starting to build up. Next major decision is the upstairs, study and stairs flooring. Parquetry? Solid timber? Pre-finished boards?

x KL

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