Seeing the light....

 Well, the dining room lighting decision is made... finally.
...no more deliberating...I've placed the order!

I feel in equal parts, a bit sick and elated....

This particular interior specification process started waaay back with the embryonic house design in 2009. At that time, I envisioned a single stunning crystal chandelier over the dinning room table. A counterpoint to the proposed minimalistic architecture; a style I was personally unfamiliar with and a wee bit uncomfortable.

As posted HERE, David first vetoed, then approved of the idea, but only once I'd accepted it wasn't going to happen! The decision process thereafter has continued to be tortuous (a reminder can be found HERE and HERE)

As the house has formed though, and with growing clarity, I have learnt that I quite like clean lines combined with simply used traditional materials. The slow progress due to financial restraint, has been a blessing in disguise. . .

Sooo, here is a pictorial recount: the evolution of THE decision ....

Chandelier or Light Shade Shade Mooi
The initial concept was a traditional chandelier, then the combination of modern drum / chardy.
David disliked both. Humph.

George Nelson Pendants (love the Bubble Saucer)

I briefly entertained the idea of a Bubble Saucer fitting but when I realised they're made from fabric I shied away from the concept. A domestic godess, I am not!.

Dunlin Stanley Hammered Copper Pendant, Tom Dixon Copper Shade
My newly acquired love affair with brass and copper lead the search to these two beauties but I'm not sure they would look right as I do not have any other references in the half of the house already completed . ?

Roll & Hill Agnes. Jason Miller Modo. Bocci Lights
Ah....now these were all PERFECT....with the exception of their cost which was unfortunately, equal to a small nation's annual GDP. Damn that budget!

Christopher Boots Lighting
I didn't even investigate these stunning hand made pieces of art. I have drooled over them though. Lots.
Marcel Wanders Skygarden Luminaire
These then became the most likely contender. A nice mix of contemporary with the surprise traditional interior reference.

Revisiting chandeliers and a few other concepts...iron framed pendants, glass conical shapes and fabric drum shades.
More styles considered....if I'm still looking then I figure I'm not 100% certain...

Gold Lined, Black Drum Pendant Shades
...back to gold. This time for the interior. Nice. But a fabric shade problem again!

Tom Dixon Beat Light Stout

And then, HALLELUJAH! Modern  / Classic. Metal Durability. Gold interior 'surprise'.
Tom Dixon Beat Light Stout.

The search is over. I've seen and found THE Light!

x KL

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