We're approximately at the half-way point of the school holidays here. 
Christmas / New Year celebrations and catch-ups with family and friends have dominated the last three weeks, along with lots of lazy sleep ins.

Below is a snapshot...

And here's the extended version for those that like deets!.....

A very well priced outdoor modular from Myer...do I / don't I?
The black and white combo is hard to find, as is the compact shape...
BUT, will it rust....?

POK cutlery tray $199 now $39. Good protection for my new gold cutlery, no?

There are good mags and ho-hum ones. Same goes for individual editions.
THIS one, THIS edition...W.O.W.! Don't miss out!

My head's still being turned by round, equestrian hardware mirrors.....
Have tracked down a 'maybe'. . .

There's good bedlinen bargains to be had...Drooled over this set at Adairs before Christmas and now it's even cheaper. But do I NEED it? (I'm trying to be good!)

I didn't know I needed this ottoman till I spotted it in a wholesaler's 'super specials'.
I think it will look terrific at the end of the Guest Bedroom bed.

David and I are still debating the upstairs flooring choice. Balancing budget / quality / aesthetics and what the heart wants is HARD. An ongoing, and time consuming quandary....

We're still 'puppy-sitting'. No complaints here...am a bit smitten (am cooking the wee thing special meals....WTF!?) J is in LOVE and enjoying every minute...
and he's away from gaming. Hooray!

He even made a dog kennel with David. On the tools. Highly supervised.
Boy heaven!

David goes back to work next week and had intended on doing lots here in his break; but didn't. 
One 'top coat' on the plastered lounge room walls (the last room to be done) was achieved though. Puppy play, beer and chillaxin' (his term!) distracted him somewhat!

The girl's bedroom wardrobes received handles....yay! and I got to vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.
Please note the carpet is temporary glamping....not the finished floor!

Daughter # 2 turned 22, which we celebrated at a Austrian Schnitzel hous and followed up with watching a new Disney production Frozen. Highly recommended.

"....do you wanna build a snowman...."

I've been trying to convince David that this method of Christmas Tree storage is the way to go since...I do it all. He thought I was nuts till I showed him this picture from a like-minded genius.
Maybe next year...

Congrats to my darling friend GB on his recent engagement. Woo Hoo !

Are you feeling pastels? Pink? Dunno why, but I am. Just a wee pillowcase indulgence ATM....

I hate finding a favourite dress is poor quality. I received a refund but I would have preferred to keep the dress. Even pure silk should be able to withstand more than one wear!

The investigation on main bedroom en suite flooring has begun. Marble, yes! White with black, Black with white..? Another quandary!

Nothing like celebrating the new year with an OLD friend! We've known each other for 48 years!
Emptied a few of these!

Love these pineapple lamps. Adairs tempting me again....

Camping; 'Over-safety cautious Mummy style'. Am I helicoptering? J and a mate didn't mind.
 It's a fun sleepover idea!

How's your break been...

x KL

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