shoe cupboard

 Well, Davey finally got round to fitting out my the main bedroom shoe cupboard! Yippee!!!!
 You'll note that there is no mirror backing or wallpaper inside as lusted for HERE.
It was deemed too frivolous and a waste of money. Oh, Poohey! Oh well, I win some debates; it was obviously my turn to concede defeat.

I must say that I have allot of shoes; not for long though...
Upon unpacking boxes that have been in storage for 5 years, I found shoe heights that I now cannot walk in (eek!) and others that have become too small. W.T.F ? !
My feet have gotten fatter along with me apparently and my shoe size has increased from a 6 / 6.5 to a definite 7 / 7.5! ^# %&* (& $#%&@  !!!!

Anywho, life's like that, isn't it?

Although I had visions of my shoe wardrobe looking like this:

...the truth and contents are far more mundane. And, to be realistic, if I throw my shoe packaging away, how will I store them if one day we move and I am sans cupboard?
I decided to keep them in their original boxes (less dusting too) but they look so damn shop-storeroom-like now. I considered photographing each item and gluing it on the front of the box for easy content identification or cutting a peep hole to view but...

 ...some boxes have seen better days..and I'd like uniformity.
 Soooo, along with a squillion peoples before me, I am in search of attractive shoe boxes.

My first bit of research led me to Pinklily and Howard's Storage World.
They were too exy for the quantity I'd require. The Big W versions were recommended by a friend and were the cheapest option at $1.50 per box, but I think they look flimsy. ? And images of robes with multiple stacks looks messy! Ikea versions are fabric which I think would get grotty . . .

Then my thoughts returned to the humble shoe box.
If uniform in size and colour....

...and I was shocked at how expensive they are too. Even if purchased in bulk / wholesale!

I needed to think / look 'outside the box', and be creative.

And then I found these...

KASSETT Box with Lid from Ikea. They're designed for the office but for me they're perfect for shoe storage...
Cleanable / sturdy; tick!
Uniform in size and colour (black or white); tick!
Can be re purposed should we move; tick!
Very well priced; Tick!
With labelling space too!

Guess where I'm heading on Monday? 

Have you got any other suggestions I should consider?

x KL 

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