Thoughts on Flooring...Scandi style

I have lamented the drawbacks of renovating / building over an extended time period before. Many times in fact. I've rarely mentioned any positives though, but there are a few!

The best one is being able to let the house grow organically....one decision leading to the other with consideration to what has been done before. And, this accommodates aesthetic shifts in direction....

 I'm very attracted to Scandinavian Design ATM. Although elements of this are already part of my style; the minimalistic, clean and monochromatic, I'm further honing my love for stark contrasts.

When I started this blog, my decorating frame of reference was this:

Now, it's below: 

  Images from favourite blogs: HOFP, left and Stylizimo, Right.

Less formal yet still predominantly black and white. It's the percentage of each that has changed....
The 'gloss' level is downplayed and the floors are light...

Images like these have had me re-questioning the colour and finish for the proposed timber floors, re-examining all options as we get closer to having to make this crucial decision!
Today, I'm loving the following;

Much lighter in colour, wider in plank size and engineered in structure.
Such a mammoth difference to what I would have chosen twelve months ago!

As these boards are factory finished, building dust may also be a thing of the past for La Hacienda!
David was impressed with them when specified for a client's project and we laid them in Mum & Dad's recent reno too. We're still doing some homework but, they appear to be very stable, the finish being virtually indestructible and are definitely easier / cleaner to lay in comparison to solid timber boards.

All these images are of European Oak in various finishes / colours because that's what we've been seduced by. They're all wire brushed and matte finished too. *sigh*

Because they're wide though, our parquetry concept would have to be tucked back into the ol' memory bank for another house...

Oh well, too bad, so sad....

Eenie Meenie Miny - Mo! The lounge room and hall floor is COVERED with sample planks!

...I predict a decision announcement VERY soon. Yippee!

x KL

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