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My girlfriend J phoned a few days ago looking for some bedding advice and after her call I thought I'd do a quick reconnaissance of the latest offerings from around the traps. I stumbled upon this textural delight from Kip & Co; scrumptious dark grey velvet....perfect for winter don't you think? The other colours offered are divine too; burnt orange, teal, cantaloupe and fuchsia. Yum!

David and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. Neither of us felt like going out mid week so I offered to cook a gourmet, candle-lit dinner at home. David's request? Sausages, peas, mash & gravy. W.T.F....

We've had some exciting deliveries here this week. Boring visually, but those metal sheets above will complete the two front veranda roofs and gutters! Hooray!
 And these unbelievably heavy channel thingies below, are for the frame less glass hand rails.

Thought I'd start investigating flooring options for the master en suite. Fell in love with these hexagonal Calcutta marble mosaics which typically require me to sell a child to obtain. Maybe I should stick with the same 400 x 400 mm size tile I've used in the other bathrooms ? ? ?
I could use the hex as a feature under the shaving cabinet and in the bath niche. Thoughts?

 I bought this wire wrapped-glass-based lamp eons ago for the family room. I unpacked it and popped it into position but it just looks wrong. So much for forward planning. Humph.
Might look better in the playroom....

School Holidays have begun here today. Yay! And I've got a stash of magazines (print and digital form) to read with lazy cups of tea in bed...he he! For the first time, I've bought H & G in digital format for my iPad. I hate piles of magazines lying around making me feel guilty! Hopefully, when my subscriptions expire, I'll read all my faves this way instead.

Hope your planning a relaxing Easter break...

x KL 

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