A palette load of problems

 You may remember waaay back in January when I was happy dancing about purchasing some french pattern travertine for our four deck areas?
For some unbeknown reason, this very expensive purchase had become a nightmare.

After paying for the in-stock product and arranging for its collection, we were told that our large order couldn't be filled as they had double sold the stock at hand. Oops!
Accidents happen, so we patiently waited two months for a new shipment.

We paid a further $700 for transportation of the six tonne of stone last week and were disappointed when the scheduled delivery was a no -show. A few phone calls later, I was told that the palettes had 'shifted' on the truck and could no longer be safely unloaded. They were returned to the transport company for re-stacking and we received the stone a few days later.

There were meant to be six palettes; we received five. We were told this was due to the way they were re-loaded. There are quite a few damaged / broken pieces but we are told that is to be expected.
But upon counting the 'sets' we are 10 square metres short. W T F ! ! !

The delivery company will not take responsibility (they claim the palettes were inferior and delivered all the stone), nor will the stone supplier as the product was re-packaged. 
So we're left with a major headache and shortfall!

We also wont know how much of the stone is unusable due to breakage until it is unpacked....God knows when! I am so upset by this and keep wondering how it could have been avoided.

I guess it's just going to have to be our 'bad luck' story....

x KL

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