My NEW Dining Table....*

A recent yard clean up unearthed this massive Oregon beam (THE Plank*!) salvaged from a house demolition eons ago. We had completely forgotten about its existence as it was literally 'buried' amongst building crap supplies! Before heaving it onto Dumpy (our truck) to go to the tip, David asked me why we had ever kept it. (Davey's a hoarder but occasionally 'lets go' and culls like a madman!) I couldn't remember but as a fellow hoarder (except I rarely cull; LOL) I quickly eyed off that baby's size....

A tape measure confirmed that my silent prayer had been answered.
We were staring out our new dining room table!

Some background info: We already own several tables, all of which have made appearances in previous properties. We did not want / could not afford to buy a new one for this house!
The largest we have is pictured above, in it's unexpanded form; an antique Kauri Pine, Edwardian Banquet table. Extended it seats ten comfortably, twelve at a squeeze. I quite like the contrast between the old table and contemporary chairs but I still have misgivings on the size appropriateness for this build.

 Those misgivings were started when we stored my daughter's eight seater table for a short time in our proposed dining space. Posted about HERE and seen above. 
It looked Incy. Wincy. Eeeek!

Enter THE PLANK*! 
At 6 metres long and 100 mm thick, I should be able to get it re-milled to make four 300 x 3000 x 50 mm thick pieces, perfect to biscuit together to give me a 1200 x 3000 mm table top! I'm thinking of sandblasting the top and waxing it a-la Mark Tuckey style. And remember my coffee table project? It is still waiting for a top but it will be my inspiration for a custom made base. Kinda like these... 

Don't hold your breath....but stay tuned!

* THE PLANK (1967) is simply British humour at it's best. Written & directed by the late Eric Sykes, with a cast of well known actors in their early days....well worth the watch....
Link HERE.

You're W e l c  o m e !

x KL

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