seasoned reasoning: designer mills

I don't know about you, but I love to experience good aesthetic design in everyday objects.
It makes the mundane feel more special somehow. 
If I need a new kettle for example, I'll research the design options along with practicality because it's an item that is highly visible in my kitchen, used multiple times a day and needs to earn it's place, being on show. (Best ones I found can be seen HERE

I'd like to buy a pair of really nice Salt & Pepper Mills using this same criteria.
We've lived sans salt for just over ten years due to dietry restrictions initiated by David's Ménière's disease. His condition is well managed at the moment and watching MKR has encouraged me to revisit seasoning. Just a little.

Anywho, here are my favourite options that tick all form, function and feel boxes:

  Collective Tools designed by Antonio Citterio & Glen Oliver Löw. Iittala

 Alfredo Mills designed by Alfredo Haberli. Georg Jensen

Left: Y-Grinder by Joseph Joseph
Right: Tree Grinder designed by Vagnby & Ejje. Nuance

Left: Queen Chin Grinders designed by Giovannoni Stefano.  Alessi
Right: Salt & Pepper Mills designed by Michael Graves. Alessi.

Bottle Mills Designed by Norm Architects for Menu.

 Tete-a-Tete designed by Stefan Holm.

Craft Mills by Normann Copenhagen

Plus Salt and Pepper Mills designed by Norway Says. Muuto

I think I like the last two sets best. Although the Georg Jensen ones are very beautiful too.
Do you have any recommendations?

x KL

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