Adoring Adore!

 The latest edition of Adore Home Magazine popped into my inbox today and it's a beauty! 
Click HERE to read the full online issue.

I loved the wardrobe focus..

....especially the peep inside Greg Natale's own immaculate and stylish robe.

 Brisbane jeweler, Chelsea De Luca's flagship store is featured and full of Black and White decorating inspiration. I L.O.V.E. the 3D panelling at the rear of the shop....an easy but stunning effect to perhaps reproduce at home.

There's also a great article on Aaron Bourne's home wares store Harold's Finishing Touches. I've been a long standing admirer of his quirky taste...if I ever had my own store it would definitely look very similar! Excitingly, the store will go online soon....Hip Hip Hooray!

 More Black and White goodness to be inspired by....

 and great party decoration ideas too! Could definitely see our 50th Birthday celebrations occurring over this gold hued table setting. More food (LOL) for thought! 

x KL

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