A Christmas Interlude....

 I am definitely feeling the Christmas Spirit...but, after a day of wrapping presents and writing Christmas cards (...that's a job-and-a-half!), I took a wee break and caught up on some favourite interior blogs. It was really nice to have a visual rest from sparkle, OTT decorating and same-ness!

So...here's a Question. What do these eight images have in common?

 They're images via  Domaine Home and all are rental properties.

The style in each is quite different but in every one, I found something to Oooh about
Here's my 'discovery' tour....

In one post, I found all these bits and pieces that are currently on my 'lust list'!

Ran away from Christmas chores before school ended too and had my hair coloured, a mani / pedi, eye-brow fix etc...a mini me-tune up! LOL!

Back to reality again now...and onto sorting out the Christmas feast options!

x KL

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