Reporting in...

 The tree is up and decorated; Hurrah! 
David's Mum's precious tree angel perched on top, as is our tradition.

My new little tree is sparkling away with eight years of collected Swarovski Christmas Stars
(And a few new gold Country Road ornaments to add some of this year's gold theme!)

After my successful framing of J's Worry Doll (HERE), I decided to tackle David's Grandfather's old hammer head. It's engraved with his initials and as David is a builder, it is quite a sentimental piece. I'm 'giving' it to him for Christmas...Shhhh!

The house has been lit outside too this year after numerous complaints from our neighbours; about last year's poor effort! Few people bother to light their homes locally so apparently our efforts were appreciated! 
David spent all of Saturday decorating with waterfall and icicle lights. Our 'family' of reindeer have taken a loss though so I'll be trying to locate one replacement...the things we do! Ha ha!

Am still waiting patiently (LOL) for the stone top for our custom entertainment unit. I was generously offered free delivery "when they're next out our way" but so far no luck. These guys are so good to me, I don't want to hassle them but.....*sigh*

Are you inundated with Christmas Do's? We had a jam-packed weekend. LMFAO at a 'selfie' taken after one. Note to self; I am too old for red lipstick that bleeds everywhere which I can't see without glasses and after a few glasses of Christmas Cheer! Eeeek!

Got a new mobile phone...finally! I chose a Samsung Note and I despise it! 
I discovered it's 'beauty face' camera feature by accident...(Grrrr...it does stuff that confuses the hell outa me)...but check out the wrinkle difference in the top pics though! Hilariously O.T.T. fake!

And finally...this was my entree at a local French Restaurant. It recently changed ownership. 
It used to be a favourite venue... so sad.

x KL

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