An update....

Davey took this pic of The Tree; 2013. He fooled around with camera settings and I think it looks much more realistic in this shot. Fairy lights are difficult to snap!

In exciting news, the stone top for the entertainment unit is being delivered tomorrow! Woo Hoo!
and the glazed, guest en suite shaving cabinet doors are ready for collection. Yay!

Desperate for Christmas gift ideas? I found this yesterday....

...at Adairs. The most DIVINE scent, and exquisite  crystal refillable bottle...

Yup. One for a gift, One for me. LOL!

The whole house has been 'pimped' with Christmas words & phrases that delight the children with the  opportunity to rearrange and generally pi** me off.

Lovin' my li'l gold accents...the lounge is old and tired but this CR cushion looks very festive to me!

Finally got to do a sweet little Guest en suite vignette.  So much more to do in this room though, looking forward to the mirrored shaving cabinet doors the most! They're ready for collection...guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?

 Even Bindi has received some Christmas decoration! I bought the paper garland from the U.S via Etsy. LOVE it! And the 'Emperor' cap is a recent pressie for J, from my elder sister who has recently returned from China.Very in. Very now

I don't know about you, but for the first time in....


I'm feeling POSITIVE about the year ahead... 


x KL

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