I'm a magazine and book junkie!

I'm a magazine / book junkie. There. I've said it. I love nothing more than to sit quietly and read a new magazine or absorb images from a beautiful book.  As I've been recuperating, I've had more time than usual and have dragged out some favourite decorating books in addition to devouring my regular magazines. Below are some of my absolute faves! Unfortunately I don't have anywhere to put my precious books (I had a little library area in the last house) so only a few are unpacked and temporarily propped in an alcove that's empty - till I find that 'perfect' art piece to go there!

A small library in our last house

BKH - Burley Katon Halliday Their website is divine too with thousands of inspiring projects!

I love Kelly's books, they're practical guides as well as offering pictorial inspiration!Some more peeps below:

I have a great fondness of books from Beta - Plus Publishing. The quality of the books, the magnificent pictures and simple layout make them more like art books! I've collected quite a few but the two below are my absolute favourites. Worth every cent! I return to them time and again!
An oldie but a goodie! Can't beat a publication featuring the best Australia has to offer!

These three these books have a terrific local flavour.

Well, as you can see, I'm not a book reviewer - LOL, but it's interesting that the first books pictured are my newer ones and are returning to a more classic rather than minimal contemporary aesthetic. Interesting self analysis!

On another note, how'd you feel about The Block finale?

I was so disappointed for the contestants. (except Polly & Waz; Congratulations!)
It was quite unexpected wasn't it? The girls all looked so beautiful, I loved the engagement surprise of Josh and Jenna, but mostly I was so very impressed by the gracious acceptance of the events by Rod and Tania. What an outstanding couple! There are many lessons I have learnt from them and none of them have to do with renovating!!!!

x KL