Real deal or Price Steal? A further quandary!

I've still been pondering my stance on the original furniture v's replica quandary since yesterday's post. I have decided that although I would prefer the original (Duh!!!), if I were to wait until I could afford some items, (win the lottery or find an original miraculously left on my grass verge) then I'll never have one.
So... still keeping my high principles, I'm going to save for the easier and more fiscally attainable originals and buy the best replicas I can for the completely insanely priced items. Sound fair? Some 'real deals' are surprisingly not such a big stretch over a copy either!

At $450, I'd rather save a bit longer for an original Ferruccio Laviani 'Bourgie' lamp from Top 3 By Design (In black and crystal - Right), than pay $220 for a replica at Sokol (above).

Why spend $90 at Matt Blatt on a copy (left) when you can purchase an authentic Kartell 'Componibili' unit for $145???? (white - right)

Here is one more, which to me, is a no - brainer! Replica Offi magazine rack; $199 at Lifeinteriors (left) or original for $235? (pictured on right, from my favourite store - Top 3 By Design!)

I bought the original - and HIGHLY recommend it! ... but that Eames leather lounge chair and footstool will definitely be a replica purchase and then, still one I'll need to save for, with good replicas around the $2 000 mark (considerably less than the $24 000 for the real deal!).

Herman Miller Eames Lounge and ottoman. Mr Replica... here I come!

x KL