Original v's replica. What do you think?

Eero Aarnio 'Bubble' Chair
I love designer furniture classics and have a long 'wish-list' of items that I lust after. Kartel Bourgie crystal lamps, Louis Ghost chairs, Charles stools, Herman Miller walnut side tables, Eero Aarnio  Bubble chair, Eames leather recliner with footstool, Noguchi coffee table and Barcelona chairs to name but a few!
Noguchi coffee table

Eames leather recliner with footstool
But what about the original v's replica issue? As an ex-cardiovascular pharmaceutical company rep, I always choose the research & developer branded product rather than a generic. Should I maintain these same principals with furniture and home decor? The financial investment with furniture of course makes a strong economic argument, and the quality of replicas can now make them almost indistinguishable from the original. What are your thoughts????
Louis Kartell ghost chair in clear crystal from Top 3 By Design

I'm not a costume jewelery wearing kinda girl. I like my 'bling' to be real, and I think maybe therein lies the answer. For me anyway. I've bought a limited edition Walnut Eames Hang-it-all and I like knowing  that it is a real designer collectable. Like my blog title it's an eternal icon! And those more expensive items will have to remain on the wish-list awhile longer!!!

Herman Miller - Eames 'Hand-It-All'

x KL