External flooring & pool surrounds...

We're still a LONG way from pool surrounds (Here's where we're at) however to complete other external areas, the outside flooring needs to be decided upon. Whilst scouting for tiles for The Terrigal Project I came across these Travertine tiles in a 'french' pattern.
Talk about L.O.V.E. at first sight!
They will butt up against (proposed) charcoal coloured carpet (play, dining and main bedrooms) and  the 600 mm square marble tiles in the family room.

400 mm square format marble in our guest bedroom en suite.

I know they can't 'match' the marble; it being unsuitable for outside and around the pool. 
I considered, very seriously, grey basalt, but it absorbs heat and becomes too hot to be considered as a pool surround. Likewise, sandstone and light hues can be too reflective and therefore blinding on a hot Australian summer's day.

I considered timber (over the existing slab) too, but heat was also no-no too in this case.
Any ideas?

What do you think of the travertine? In this pattern? (In a contemporary home)

All input greatly appreciated....

x KL

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