My black beauty is complete!

Plush delivered the stainless steel legs / base frame today for the playroom lounge and the driver put it all together. He was such a lovely guy. He was telling me that he is a qualified surveyor, but earns more as a truck driver. Go figure!

Having never seen the lounge in this fabric (I chose it from a tiny sample in store) or in this layout, it was exciting to see that it looks OK.  David hadn't seen the lounge at all and he thankfully gave it the thumbs up too. I'll re-wrap it up tomorrow so that it is protected until in gets in its correct room and upstairs is finished. I'm tempted to have a 'play' with some cushions on it first though! He he!
The photo above (without flash) shows the deep charcoal colour best. The flash tending to lighten it in photos. She's only a petite lounge as the room where it is intended, is modest in size. Just perfect for PlayStation gaming and Lego building!

Above is a follow up picture of the ensuite cavity doors and shower / toilet cubicles beyond, which were framed out on Sunday afternoon. Baby steps but in the right direction!

x KL 

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