Lady Luck paid me a visit!

 Sometimes you can just be in the right place at the right time. 
Whilst continuing my exploration of  vanity options for The Terrigal Project, I was told that a distant Reece showroom had received an upgrade and was displaying the latest designs available. New designs to peruse? Off I happily went but was disappointed by the sameness of the offerings and again the exxy prices. 
But then Lady Luck paid me (and my client) a visit. 
As I was leaving, I asked what happened to the old display stock and was told it was 'out the back' for disposal. Disposal? WTF!!!
Here's my list of absolutely brand new (still in box) and ex display (never used) bargains I snaffled.

Fowler Seido Wall Hung pan with soft close seat RR $939
Milli Rush Towel Rack (new in sealed box) RR $199
Two x Milli Edge Hand Shower and rail (one new in box, one ex display) $299 each
Mizu 1700 Series toilet roll holder RR $55
Scala Mini Basin Mixer RR $365
Scala Bath spout RR $160
Mizu 1500 Bath spout RR $229
Scala robe hook (Brand new in box) RR $48
Sussex Meo double 700 towel rail (Brand new in box) RR $262
Franke Laundry tub (small scratch near waste basket) RR $219

 I paid $350 for the lot. 
And am still pinching myself!!!!

I was very selective in what I chose, the style had to be right otherwise I'd never be happy with it. The Franke tub and Mizu bath spout will be given to my client, (the brand and style matching those already specified) the other items are for my upstairs bathrooms here and are the same styles as already used downstairs. In hindsight I should have grabbed more items so back I went.

I scored another Franke tub RR $229 and vanity basin (brand unknown) for $50 each. I was served by a different person and although cheap, they where not sold at anywhere near the same discount level.

Then I spied a dusty vanity hiding in a corner. 

CIBO 1200 mm wide, two pack white polyurethane door and drawers with reverse mitre pulls, ceasarstone top, wall hung, blum soft close hardware with lovely basin and tap.....RR $2499 + tap (of unknown brand) and I paid $750! I was so excited that I had her cleaned, wrapped and loaded before they changed their mind, hence the photo of the 'handled' version not the one I bought. 
She's now being stored with the very happy clients!
Wish I could now conjure up two more vanities like this for them at the same price. LOL!

On the home front, David has been renovating the new build before it's finished. We are always making changes to the plan! 

 We have decided to add double sliding cavity doors from the main bedroom into the ensuite so these were installed today and my lounge for the playroom was delivered too. The boring shot of it is below.

I wasn't ready for delivery (the intended spot playing storage host still...see below) but Plush couldn't store it any longer. It came sans legs and steel floor support frame so is just a bulky waste of space at the moment. The style and fabric have both been discontinued though so I am overjoyed that I ordered it when I did. Amazing how THE SKULL experience has taught me such wisdom!

Is it wet and rainy where you are? We think we might drive out to Warragamba Dam tomorrow to take a rare bo-peep at our over-full dam. Hope you're having a great weekend,

x KL

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