General update, dragons & rainbows!

 I have had another busy week here - which I love, except it was made particularly difficult because I've hurt my leg tripping over the vacuum cord! As you do. Major ouch! I fell onto the concrete floor and am a total mess. (I'll spare you the gory details!) I have decided that vacuums are dangerous things and need to be used sparingly! (or one needs to engage someone else to clean. He he!) 
Anyhoo.... this is what I've been up to lately:


The Terrigal Project is being put back together again; what a difference changing a roof line and adding a few windows can make! It never ceases to amaze me that homes are built with no consideration to aspect or in this case, a spectacular ocean view! David designed these changes to fit within a tight budget. Money well spent I reckon!

I've been looking for bathroom tiles for the same job. I was leaning towards a charcoal tile to continue the flow from carpet to tile. (The client having chosen charcoal carpet) but I've been given a 'no' to this suggestion so am exploring sandy hues instead....and had meetings with several kitchen contractors too regarding pricing.

Davo and I ate our weight with 'Wamby Whoppers' last weekend. If you're ever in Wamberal, on the Central Coast of New South Wales, they're a legendary hamburger! We followed them with a family bowling game which was lots of fun!

 We had to laugh at our eldest daughter's tiny feet (size 3) compared to her boyfriend's (size 13). They're both 22.
Having completed their uni degrees, they are contemplating the big 'move out' together in 'the big smoke'. O.M.G. My baby..... in Surry Hills!!!! Eeeek!
They don't want our stored Javi lounge, they want their own 'stuff'. Fair enough. So Davo and I scrounged this from the side of the road.

Retro Fantastic!!! And in such well loved condition. Thank you Hugh, I hope your father in law, at 94, hears that his well loved lounge will have a new lease of life with my daughter and her BF.

J, D & I went to see the 'How to Train Your Dragon' show at Sydney's Acer Arena too. Wow! We loved 'Walking With Dinosaurs'  last year but this was amazing.

No 2 daughter, A's BF surprised her with tickets to the show the day before we went. Very sweet!

We read the book quite a few years ago and then the movie adaptation came out. This was the icing on the cake. At nine, J still loves the soft toy souvenirs; Toothless now a part of his bedroom collection.

And to top off a perfect day, how better than Grandad making some paper aeroplanes for a flight competition in their backyard! Magic!

 Today I remembered my friend Lisa who lost her battle with Leukemia. We shaved last year to raise funds for this worthy cause but coloured this time. 
A rainbow of hope for other sufferers.

x KL

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