Ripples of indecision!

 It's funny how one relatively small decision can create a ripple that changes the direction of a project.

Whilst looking at carpets for The Terrigal Project (classic beige tones as requested by client), they asked what I had selected for our own home and I pointed it out. They loved it immediately. This then lead me to looking for charcoal hued tiles for the bathroom floors to tie in. 

I sent the clients to check out this display and they fell in love with the red walls! Ummm... the brief was beachy - coastal! But hey, this is their house...yup, we can work with this.

They then found a set of 10 dining chairs they loved. Super comfy, on sale, as is. This is the fabric.

 This is leading me back to the original brief.... sandy hues and a more relaxed vibe.

When I decorate my own homes, they evolve slowly... as finances allow. One decision leads to the next and adds to the former framework. Assisting in decision making for a total revamp, all at once is very challenging. I think if given total carte blanche it may be relatively easy to get a cohesive design happening but the wide ranging tastes and indecision of my friends at each step is proving difficult. I am feeling increasingly out of my depth.

Any tips warmly welcomed!

x KL 

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