Main ensuite inspiration & progress!

 THIS was the photograph that inspired my plans for our main bedroom en suite. 
Elegant and understated, sophisticated yet subtle.
 I particularly loved the towel niches at the end of the bath and imagined a gorgeous display area for my coral and candles. Unperturbed that mine was a contemporary build, I took these design ideas and adapted them for my plans.

 I added greater width so they were symmetrical with the bath layout as this example shows above.
The marble seen in both these images adds to my wishfull thinking! LOL!

And here is where we're at. 
Our bath is freestanding (Kado Lure) but I hope to accommodate the bath spout and mixer in the lower section of this solid unit; floor mounted bath spouts costing a bomb!
Today hubby and I spent several hours discussing the practical means to achieve the look I wanted. 
Under shelf tiling was a no-no. Hello! I have pictorial evidence that it can be done.! I requested lighting to each shelf too.... eeek!
In the end, it was all resolved and now I can't wait for it to 'happen'. Thank God I'm not paying darling Hub on an hourly rate though.......!

x KL

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