Colour Crush: Rainbow Brights

 I'm not abandoning my love of monochromatic interiors just yet, but am definitely being drawn to designs that feature a pop of colour.
 I previously posted about my 'Hermes' Orange colour crush HERE.
My most recent hue love is the combination of

Rainbow Brights!

 Not much is needed to make a big impact and restricting the colour to accessories means easy rearrangement to change the look.

Love the clever use of colourful objects as 'art', injecting that focal zing at the same time.

 Colour-blocking your library of books makes for a stunning display!

Source: The Block 2012

Only a few Rainbow-hued towels are needed to add the WOW factor to a plain bathroom.

 Or if you're more committed to this look, a few well placed dollops of same toned colours in fixtures, fittings or furniture look extraordinary!

As does a single, dynamic coloured piece of art in a monochromatic interior.

Of course, the easiest way to add rainbow brights is through linen. Throws, quilt covers or cushions!

Hannah's Study sourced from Peepmystyle

 It's young, fresh and fun. Happy too I reckon! 
 What do you think?

x K

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