Revealing the Invisible

 Today, I found these gorgeous glass renderings by Luke Jerram via Daily Icon.

 Currently on exhibition at Heller Gallery in New York, they explore ways to reveal phenomena beyond the reach of the human eye. The show includes works from three major series: Glass Microbiology, Radiometer Chandeliers, and Rotated Data Sculptures.

 Glass Microbiology (which I have shown here) explores clear glass depictions of viruses and bacteria at the root of the most dangerous diseases (such as HIV, H1N1 and SARS). The series presents us with exquisite transparent objects which infer deadly harm.

Working with leading virologist Dr. Andrew Davidson from the University of Bristol, Jerram collaborated with specialized glassblowers to fabricate the pieces.

 I just like the way they look.
x KL

And for the interested Microbioligist, these renderings are 1.Ecoli 2.Large Papiloma 3.Large Untitled Future Mutation 4.Exhibition Display 5.Malaria 6.Swineflu 7.Smallpox 8.SARS 9.Untitled Future Mutation 10.HIV Series 2 11. Round Swine Flu

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