eBay frustration

I haven't been a huge eBay-er but in the past have successfully unloaded a few big ticket baby items and some designer clothes that I have no longer needed and were in perfect condition.
I've bought a bit too....from Lego figures to favourite jeans.
But after a big hiatus, I've had another attempt at this kind of trading and been seriously disappointed and frustrated. Success was once based on the reputation you built by being honest and trustworthy. Well Baa Humbug!

Here's my latest exploits:

I'm up to my FOURTH listing for this Silver Bullet hair straightener. Brand new, I've listed it for $60 (RR $199) Every time it has sold quickly but the purchasers do not pay. Grrrrrr!

 Versace men's sunglasses bought by a friend on my account as they do not have one. Fake. Eeek!

Missoni for Target cocktail shaker. I purchased this but the seller refused to post to Australia even when I offered to pay additional freight. Was reimbursed but would have preferred the item!

A white Country Road dress I bought that was yellow stained and filthy. Not viable to return because of postage charges. Binned.

The Morphy Richard's kettle I bought for my nest leaver S and BF M. Um....buying from the UK to get the colour they wanted (not available here) was clever. Being told that the UK and Australia have different power pins might have been nice. Thank God for clever Grandad who was able to convert it for them!

I'm having another 'go' with the straightener and some of J's outgrown, near new winter jackets and clothes. Wish me luck!
(If interested, my eBay user ID is eternalicon.)

Do you eBay? I'd love to hear of your experiences...

x KL 
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