State of Emergency here!

Poor old Davey has been in a tonne of trouble over the last few days. And he's not 'on the other side' of it yet. I did a hospital dash with him after he woke up with excrutiating groin and side pain. Why do all emergencies happen at night? And on weekends? There must be a physiological explanation...
After eliminating the possibility of a strangulated testical, he was diagnosed with a large Kidney Stone and was operated on to relieve the blockage and the very significant pain.

 He's home tonight and is scheduled for surgery again early tomorrow morning. They're going to remove the temporary stent, laser the stone to break it to smaller pieces and re stent for a few more days. All I keep thinking is Thank God this didn't happen during our recent trip to Bali!

We have Private Health Insurance but were treated in the Emercency Department of Gosford Public Hospital. I was terrified that we were going to get substandard care but was very wrong. We were attended to immediately, the nursing staff and Resident Doctor knowledgeable, capable and very empethetic. The hospital appeared clean and seemingly well staffed. I have a much greater appreciation of our Hospital System however am so grateful we have Private Cover. David was operated on by a Urology Registra but tomorrow's proceedure will be performed by a Urology Fellow in a Private Hospital. Without our private cover, David would have to wait up to 3 months for the stone removal. The pain is likened to childbirth. 3 months! O.M.G.!

Hope you had a much more enjoyable weekend,

x KL

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