Bits & Bobs

We celebrated J's 10th Birthday, again on Sunday. Although his birthday was in May, he missed out on a promised and keenly anticipated party with his friends because we were overseas. He chose a Laser Tag party and invited all the Year 4 boys, two good girl friends and a couple of other mates. J and I designed Lanyard VIP Access Invites which were J's idea and all the kids loved.

Two hours of mayhem and it was all over...with no cleaning up! Yay!

 Thanks to Sara Lee, I was able to create a Halo / Army inspired birthday cake very easily!
 I also learnt that you don't send a child to the hairdressers with their father with no prior styling direction. A number 3! In winter? Eeeek! Below is J with the 'spoils' of his event!

Been EBay-ing some designer clothing that no longer fit's J and a few other bits and bobs. Sold some, not all. I underestimated postage costs so made only a few dollars. Not sure if it's worth the effort really. Here's the postage pile ready to go!

Now The Terrigal Project is complete, David is focusing his attention on a new build at Point Frederick. It's at the exciting stage....choosing fixtures and such. Here is a picture of the stair style we have suggested. Nice, Eh?

I helped the middle child complete her Tax return and now have to get the business' ready for our accountant. Office work is sooo tedious and boring. 
Hope you're set for a more exciting week! 
(Am loving following the excitement of Katrina Katrina from The Block and AM The House That AM Built in New York!)

x KL

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