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Congrats Brad & Lara. The Block winning contestants 2012

I don't know why we didn't embrace Chanel 9's 'The Block' this year. 
We just didn't.
We did however watch last night's final episode and what a beauty!
Even with scant viewer connection to the contestants, we were sitting on the edge of our seats with each property auction. What wonderful results for all of them!
It surprised me though to hear that the 2013 series will contain competing, previous 'blockheads'. I wonder if Chanel 9 advertised too early...surely they would be innundated with applicants after this season's brilliant result? 
No matter...
I just hope Katrina & Amie are offered the additional opportunity and have the time and fortitude 'to go again!' (should they wish).

 You can vote for them here:

x KL

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