Things I'm loving....

The discovery of the elusive Higgs boson particle by Physicists at CERN (The European Organisation for Nuclear Research). Finally! Remember the date 4th July, 2012!

News of the safe arrival of my friend's bub. Welcome gorgeous girl!

Stalking the always fresh styling of Claudia Peepmystyle and her friend Hannah
Above is Hannah's study in her new home.

Image on the left courtesy of Bondville. The image on the right from a favourite blog but I am unable to reference appropriately. If this is yours please let me know so I can rectify this.

 Artwork by clever people who actually follow through with a creative idea achieving something extraordinary!

Cartier re-released Juste un Clou jewelry. *Sigh*

Moth orchids and striking wall paper

Wise words and quatrefoil designs

Source: Coco Republic Design Field Notes
The Avoca Beach House by Saville Isaacs.
Witnessing our last building project, the Avoca Beach House gather recognition. The architect being awarded the Gerberit Prize at last week's Australian Institute of Architects NSW Awards.

 I'm also loving hanging out with my eldest daughter and first nest flier, S who has come home for the weekend.Yay!!!

x KL

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