Aunty Mary

I've had a bit of a difficult week.
With my extended family, I have said my goodbyes to my Aunt Mary. She has been a big part of my life, and my children's lives for close to two decades. Of course she's been present longer than that; all my 49 years, but as an adult, my relationship with her has been the most tangible. 
She moved to the Central Coast from Sydney not long after I did. I taught in the same parish she settled, and she willingly became Aunty Mary to those primary school children, listening to them read each week, without fail. She delighted in attending Mass and hearing the 'Hello! Aunty Mary!' acknowledgements each Sunday from the children.  I took her to medical appointments, she joined us each Christmas day and we celebrated her birthday with her. She liked keeping up with technology and we tried to assist her with the concept of a mobile phone, updating to plasma television, and hard-wired smoke detectors.
Everything I'm writing here doesn't seem to express what I'm feeling at her loss. It's much harder than expected. My nephew achieved the impossible; delivering a beautiful and confident eulogy at her service. J managed to contribute a simple prayer. I was very proud of them both. Thankfully my girls were able to attend before their flight to Japan. It was all very sudden, rushed and emotional.

Christmas has felt a bit flat here before this event but with a ten year old who's still a 'true believer', Santa can not forget us. Never thought I'd need to practice my Ho! Ho! Ho!

Till we meet again, Aunty Mary.

x KL

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